The Treaty of Axel Witsel near Borussia Dortmund runs out in the coming summer. The characters are on separation, although the defensive midfielder is currently playing an important role in BVB. How useful would it be to let the Routinian?

As a small transfer coup he was celebrated, then conjured a bear-strong debut season on the parquet. Both have meanwhile moved into the background. Although Axel Witsel is still regularly in the BVB Dress on the lawn, but overall on the siding, it seemed.

He is currently in a “special situation,” the midfielder told the upcoming Europa League game against the Rangers from Glasgow (from 18:45 at RTL + and in the Belgian live ticker). Thus, Witsel clearly meant his insecure future.

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A commitment to BVB he left as well as a clear tendency towards Transfer: “I focus on the games that lie in front of us. It is important for me to finish the season well and then we will see.” Where is the journey of the 33-year-old? A balancing.

  • That’s why the BVB should extend with Axel Witsel

In terms of pasBelgian and dumbbottom ratio, the director still does not make any other BVB midfielder something. 96 percent of his passes brings the Belgian to the man, no one is better in the Bundesliga. Players like Emre Can (88 percent), Jew Bellingham (85) or Mahmoud Dahoud (81), with which the Belgian national player must measure team-sintering, limp something behind.

Also, Witsels’s dual-fighting values ​​(58 percent gained duels) read as compared to CAN (55), Bellingham (51) and Dahoud (49) still very good. That the Belgian lost his initial goal of goal: in this case. In the preferred 4-3-3 system of coach Marco Rose, BVB operates with only a clear six. This item wears Witsel, whose main focus is on defensive stability.

Thus, the Belgian also analyzes its own role: “I’m not the offensive midfield player, but I think it’s important to have a balance in the center. This is not only important for our defenders, but for the entire team.”

Especially with his peace on the ball, Witsel brings with an important component that goes off his teammates in the central midfield (still). The fact that the right foot can still provide for the right balance showed his idea at the sovereign 3-0 victory at Union Berlin (Belgian Note 2.0). In normal form, the experienced actor is also considered important orientation support for BVB talents.

  • That’s why the BVB should not extend with Axel Witsel

Just over a year ago, the 33-year-old tore the Achilles tendon. Six months, the Belgian had to pause, since then he seeks his form – that’s what the pasBelgian and dual statistics can not be hinted.

The greatest impact point of criticism: Witsel lacks speed. The Belgian does not sprint so fast and no longer so frequented as in the years before. So he always makes the pace in the game of BVB more frequently.

Instead of risky pasBelgians in the interfaces, the 120-fold international usually plays only across. In short, the former different player developed more and more to the runner. For this purpose, to date, absolutely desolate ideas such as the embarrassed cup of St. Pauli (Belgian Note 5.0).

In the Rose system with only one six, Witsel is likely to look at the game-stronger Dahoud in the future. Only the conversion to a 4-2-3-1 and thus to a double sect (as last at Union), Witsels bring strengths better to unfolding. It seems that only a permanent system change is the rescue for the BVB routine.

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Another reason for the long-term contract renewal is probably the princely salary of the midfielder. The Oldie concedes 7.5 million euros according to “image” per year. Another year in black-yellow would be fortified for the table seconds for the costly undertaking, unless both sides agree on lower remuneration.

First of all, it will continue in the here and now on Axel Witsel. Since Emre Can is missing blocked, he gets the opportunity to confirm his last good performance against the Rangers in the Europa League.

Tom bolder