Chris Paul von der Phoenix Suns injured himself in the last game in front of the All-Star Break again at his hand, it could be a longer pause. The all-star is covered.

Paul had injured himself on Thursday against the Houston Rockets at the hand, when they collided with the arm of Rocktets-Forward Jae’seean Tate at a passport movement.

The Suns conducted a MRI in the episode, so far the results are not yet gained to the public. The fact is that CP3 does not have problems for the first time. In his illustrious career, the Point God had to undergo four times a surgery at hand, last summer on the wrist last summer.

Paul himself spoke on Saturday with the assembled media in Cleveland, but did not even want to exclude an application in the All-Star Game, although he was present with a rail. “We are at 48-10. So if I miss a few games, then the guys will keep the position for me. Injuries always care for frustration. My hand surgeon is already part of my family.”

Suns-Coach Monty Williams, who will coach Team LeBron during the night on Monday Team LeBron, did not want to comment on the injury of Paul. The Point God, on the other hand, pushed out: “We will not rush anything, but I try to heal as soon as possible, if I can play then, I guarantee you that I will play.”

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Paul has not missed a single game this season and sets 14.9 points and a league value of 10.7 assists per game.