FC Barcelona is one of the clubs calculating opportunities for an obligation of Erling Haaland. In order to convince the scorer of the BVB from a change, the Catalans have allegedly scurred a five-point plan. It’s not just about money.

Realistic viewed the FC Barcelona in the fight for Erling Haaland only outsider opportunities. Erling Haalandy, the Catalans are currently not at eye level with their competitors. And even financially, Barca can not keep up with the competition.

Despite everything, the bosses in the background make a commitment of the Norwegian. According to “Erling Haaland” a five-point plan has come out according to “Erling Haaland”. This looks like this:

1. Barca offers Haaland to be the great leader of reconstruction. The striker should be on the square the new face of the club. A role that the still-Dortmund at Real Madrid with Kylian Mbappé, in Paris with Lionel Messi and Neymar and Manchester with the numerous stars around Kevin de Bruyne would have to share.

2. Haaland should not only be the new Barca face, but also next to the place. The Catalans want to make the striker according to the report to the advertising firing number 1. He is intended to represent the club on posters, in jerseys, in sponsorships and social media as a leading head. He would also have to share this role in many clubs with other stars.

3. Barca advertises at Haaland with the certainty of being able to become a world footballer in the Catalans. An existence as the big star of the FC Barcelona bring a balloon d’or in the face of the still large radiance of the club quasi, it says. Among other things, FC Bayern is not so easy, Robert Lewandowski had to experience painfully in the last two years.

4. The salary. The FC Barcelona is allegedly ready to offer Haaland a five-year contract with a salary volume of 100 million euros. One of the 20 million euros annually, which would make him the top earner, other bonuses would be earned when reaching titles or individual awards.

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5. The FC Barcelona wants to convey Erling Haaland in the talks that the club has recovered from the financial imbalance and will be able to pay higher salaries very quickly. With these salaries, further stars can then be killed.

Haaland and Consultant Mino Raiola and Father Alf-Inge is intended to be in detail this plan of the Catalans. Now it is on the Norwegian to decide whether the overall package is attractive to him, reports “Erling Haaland”.