Last year it was revealed that the Kingdom Hearts series would be available in Nintendo Switch. Although this idea rejoiced the fans, many were disappointed when discovering that Square Enix would make this possible through the cloud, and they had no plans to make some native port. Now, with the _ Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece _ already available in the market, the community remains furious, since has been reported that these are bad versions of the classic Disney games and Final Fantasy.

Through social networks, fans have pointed out that these versions of the cloud are basically unplabable. Some have reported problems when starting the adventures, others have shown us a fall of frame rate , even with a good connection to the Internet.

The REAL Reason We Got Kingdom Hearts: Cloud Version on Switch
Currently there is not a statement by Square Enix about these errors . Considering that we are talking about versions of the cloud, there is a possibility that some of these problems are a consequence of the connection of some people.

On related topics, these are Square Enix’s plans for the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. In the same way, the company talks about the possibility of a native version of this collection in Switch.

Editor’s note:

It is a real pity that a series of games so beloved does not have a good launch in switch. The version of the cloud not only presents errors, but is inaccessible for several people where this is not an option, as in Mexico.