Is it one of the users who constantly lose the overview of their payments in the subscription jungle and thus lose money to unused services? Then Xbox now has good news for you. Because the subscription systems of the publisher will be equipped with a new feature that benefits you and has been in use for some time at Netflix.

XBox: More protection in the subscription

Microsoft will meet inactive users of their subscription services Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold . First, this practice will only come into force for customers in the United Kingdom, but a global rollout is already in view of how The Verge reports (Source: The Verge).

The English Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has taken the gaming subscriptions of Microsoft with a magnifying glass and provided certain demands on the gaming giants, including the regular examination of resting memberships . Microsoft then agreed to a voluntary agreement (Source:

What does that mean in detail?

How to Convert Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate Subscriptions

Paying users who did not use the Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold for more than a year will be automatically notified by Xbox and informed how they can avoid future payments. Then elapses another year without usage, If Xbox will automatically terminate the subscription .

In addition, Microsoft will provide better information with automatically renewable subscriptions. These include further details regarding the frequency of renewal and possibilities of reimbursement in accidentally prolonged memberships.

With this decision, Xbox enters the footsteps of Streaming provider Netflix , which has already made similar changes already 2020:


Netflix: Why the streaming provider pays paying customers

Robert Kohlick

Look at the different game pass offers in the Xbox Store:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at Xbox

The innovations meet Microsoft subscribers who lose track of all their payments for certain services. The CMA is also satisfied with the decision and hopes that follow other gaming subscription providers with this practice .

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