Erling Haaland is undoubtedly an extraordinary attacker. In the jersey of Borussia Dortmund, the Norwegian achieved so far incomprehensible 80 goals in 79 competitive games. In the truth, however, it also belongs that the 21-year-old lacks the BVB again and again due to injury. Criticism of the physical condition, however, the Haaland clan swives rigorously from the table.

“I do not know any who works as professional as Erling Haaland. He is what you call a 24/7 athlete,” says the former Bundesliga striker and family friend Jan Aage Fjörtoft to “picture” clear. “He tries to find improvements all the time – up and outside the place.”

The fact that Fjörtoft sees himself inherited to defend Erling Haaland, resulted from some statements that the German ex-national goal of Jens Lehmann has made on Monday.

“One thing is clear: You’re a world-class player, if you always play. Otherwise you’re not it,” Lehmann said at “Image TV” with a view of the ever-recurrent failures of the 21-year-old, which alone this season A dozen mandatory games missed.

BVB superstar should CR7 “take as a model”

But that’s not enough: “If you are 20, then you think, stretch and force you do not need everything. At Ronaldo we all find great that he lives with 36 a ascetic life, is still really fast and in shape, in the Premier League plays. And as a young player, I would take that as a model, “Lehmann settles and subordinates Haaland between the lines that he does not put the necessary seriousness to the day.

'It was time to speak' - Erling Haaland defends comments over Borussia Dortmund 'pressure'

In the BVB, however, there has never been a doubt that Haaland is an absolute flagship, but the many failures of the superstar put the Borussen too. Without the gates of the Norwegian national player, they often have been difficult in the past.

Especially bitter is therefore that Haaland is missing the Dortmundern also currently. Whether the overflow can participate in the important Europa League duel against the Rangers FC is still in the stars.