The government is planning to conduct 4th inoculation of high risk targets from the end of this month.

In the midst of the central disaster of the Central Disaster (Minister of Health and Welfare), “I said,” he said.

This is increasing over 60 years of age. In the last three weeks of aging, in the last three weeks, the rule of age was 8.0% on January 4, 9.2% February 1, and 11.7% of the second seats, including 11.7%.

Regards the November Bags vaccine for the high risk groups are also started on the 14th.

Currently, the government is managing Corona 19 confirmation as a ‘intensive manager’ and ‘General Administration’. The government focuses on inspection and treatment for intensive control groups. Managed concentration management group is 200,000.

“I expanded 674 points of management,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said. “

The ‘Corona 19 medical address’ for managing the general administrative group is a situation that is obtained at least 4,400 as of the 14th. “We have to take advantage of 112 outpatient medical centers for face-to-face, and to take advantage of the cohort isolation regions in the emergency room,” did.

“From today,” Corona 19’s support costs will be supported on the basis of the number of furniture, not the number of furniture, not the number of furniture, “said Kwon, said,” We will improve on the number of real number of households, not the number of household members. “.

He added, “I will extend, grate, and grate,” I will extend it up to a year, and so on.

In addition, the disaster shall be supplied by 3 million people by the end of this month. “The self-test kit can be purchased up to 5 per person in the convenience store, instead of the online dealer,” he said, “he said,” he said. “

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In addition, we have subjected to compliance with the basic districts of the people, “which was delayed in the fact that the transmission of the diseases corresponding to this is delayed compared to Omiton surge.”