As international interest in ‘stable coins’, which is worthless to legal currency, the main country is being assessed by the risk and use value to the stable coin.

The Korea Financial Researcher said that it has to perform balanced regulations and supervisions in financial system stabilization and financial innovation in financial system stabilization and financial innovation in accordance with the status of regulatory strengthening and future tasks for stable coins.

Stable coins are stable coins that are linked to the price of goods such as gold or crude oil, in the form of a fixed currency and exchange ratio, such as 1 coin = 1 dollar.

Currently, the market cap for major stable coins increased by $ 10 billion as of September 200bn as of September 202, respectively as a month. In 2021, he increased rapidly. The analysis of the Korean financial researcher was valid that it is convenient to use the stable coin for payment than the bit coin.

In addition, stable coins are used to increase the use of a new financial transaction, such as a decider, such as financial institutions, and a new financial transaction form, such as a block chain, and a new financial transaction, such as a block chain.

In November 202, the US Direct Financial Market Walking Group, Federal Federation Corporation and Currency Supervisory Agency put analysis reports on stable coins. According to this report, we can adversely affect the real economy, such as financial systems, as a legal currency due to the decline in the basic asset prices associated with the stable coin. When the network error is falling into the functional stop state, it is possible to generate a payment notification.

In Japan, in September 2021, we started discussion on stable coins in September. In January 202, the Financial Council of the Financial Council in the Financial Council, in the walking group, in the walking group, the information on the payment of the payment or the reliability of the user protection or the stability of the payment of the payment or the stability of the payment of the payment of the stable coin for the management of the stable coin, Regulatory regulatory maintenance was required to be required.

The Government Is Ending Stablecoins
Regulations to limit the subject of stable coin issuance to reduce the risk are reviewed by each country. The United States is discussing a way to limit the regulation of the authorities such as credit agencies, electronic money, and banks and funded companies such as banks or funded companies in the European Union, in the European Union.