Cacao Games (CEO) Caeca Games (CEO) said Neptune (Representative Jeong Woo, JY Tae Woo), with a total of W40bn, a total of W40bn, a total of W40bn, a total of W40bn, a total of W40bn.

This investment, which is promoted as part of the ‘Beyond Game’ project of Cacao Games ‘Beyond Game’ project, has been conducted in a way that Cacao Games and Neptune have earlier,.

The governance counsel of the Bora (Bora) 2.0 ‘, the block chain of Boranatk, which is a subsidiary of Cacao Games, is a mobile metaverse game specialized in 2017.

Kakao Games invests $20 million in US game developer Frost Giant Studios
Currently, the current real-time action war game ‘Overdos’, ‘Extreme Golf’, and ‘Home Run Class’. In particular, last year, the metaverse game, ‘Play Together’, has exceeded 70 million times the global launching, the present global launching, not the first year of launch.

‘Play Together’ is a mobile metaverse game that can play with a fairy-colored virtual world ‘Kaia Island’, a fairy octopus virtual world, which is implemented in a cute 3D graphic. In November 202, the Play Together opened the Line Friends Virtual Store in the game, and in the early February, we have notified the convenience store, a convenience store with Seven Eleven, the Geniographer and Live Metabus music talk show.

Through this strategic investment, Cacao Games and Neptune are a policy that bases the ‘Beyond Game’ business based on the Metropolitan Games Development know-how.

Cacao Games Jose Gyu-hyun said, “As if already proven in the global market,” Play Together “is a global metabase platform,” “I will do our best to make Synergy with Cacao Games with Mettage Business,” Neptune. ” He said.

Meanwhile, Neptune has invested in metabus related fields since 2020. Investment companies include Big Human ‘Sua’, famous fortune, XR Metabus Enterprise Mammas, Mobile Metabus Enterprise Mammarus, Mobile Meta Bus Enterprise, and Pulse and Deep Studio, which are developing virtual idols, and AI enterprise centimeters and spirinks.