Pick up loot is both the joy and pain of high booty games, which Borderlands 3 is definitely. As the principal representative of the lecher shooter, he must do a lot to maintain the quality of life at a minimum, and this minimum is constantly increasing. Even DIBLO 3 continues to mount the bet on it each season, so it is hoped that a newly released game would take alllates to what people have learned in recent years.

Fortunately, Gearbox delivered with a war_ war_ restart style lost booty system. All you have not picked up during a mission will appear at the machine to lose the booty aboard the Santuary III (below, in the district of the crews) once you will be familiar with the game and you can Just be resumed.

Something with rare or higher rarity is. All these common waste remain on the ground where they belong.

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It’s an absolute boon. I still have horrible nightmare flashbacks about a beaded weapon flying beyond the edge of the card during a Crawmerax agriculture race in the original _borderlands, _ and with the listening booty machine, This should never happen again. Finally, the evil is defeated.

In addition, this means that you only need to pick up objects that are obviously good, thus releasing storage space when traveling. This is the kind of quality of life mechanic that I love to see in this kind of games.