Today, Sony launched a new Sign Update for the PlayStation 5, Although it is only available for beta testers. This new update will be centered on the menu of * groups * , but it will also include a few changes to the console interface that will facilitate the navigation of the users.

You can create open and closed groups both at PS5 and in PS4. Essentially, an open group means that anyone can join, as long as you are friend with the other person. As expected, the closed groups will require an invitation. To accommodate all this, Game Base has been updated with new tabs of friends, groups, and messages. **

How To Use PS5's QUICK MENU, GAME BASE, & PARTY CHAT + PSN Friends, & More...

There are also other improvements, such as easier access for Share Play and some alterations to the interface of friend requests , which can be declined more easily. On the other hand, you will also have the option to anchor your five most played games to the PS5 board, and you can have more games on the screen at the same time. Up to 14 with this update.

Additionally, the trophy interface will also receive another visual update, and in the case of ps5 , sony will be adding voice commands although this will be limited only to English Less for now. It is worth mentioning that the PS4 will also receive an update, and in addition to all previously mentioned changes on groups , it will also include certain voice commands.

And talking about the ps5, sony recently revealed updated sales figures for this console and you can know them here. Similarly, the Japanese firm had to drastically reduce your sales expectations due to the shortage of chips and microcomponents.

Editor’s note: It has been a long time since the last firmware update of the PS5, but at least Sony has been listening to some of the most common complaints between the community. There are still many pending things by adding this new console, and hopefully not missing long before you can have personalized themes, folders, and more.