Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) will be held on June 8, June 10, June 10, the largest knowledge sharing conference ‘Nexon Developers Conference, NEXON Developers Conference, NDC (NDC) in 2022, I said I was on the recruitment.

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The presenter recruitment period is from February 3 to February 28, and if it is a game and related industrial workers, anyone can apply for an NDC official homepage ( If you submit a draft document with your application, you will be selected for the NDC Steering Committee.

Recruitment ▲ Game Planning ▲ Programming ▲ Visual Art & Sound ▲ Production & Operation ▲ Business Marketing & Management Management ▲ Data Analysis ▲ Metabus & NFT ▲ Carrier Progress in 8 sectors. Especially this year, we are new to the meta bus & NFT, which is attracting attention to the game industry new growth engine, to seek game industry application cases and development directions.

The selected presenter is paid with the NDC memorial kit, presenter commemorative uniform, and gifts with 1: 1 announcement through experts. In addition, we plan to open the metaverse after-sales party for presenters and artists to provide separate communication chapters.

Meanwhile, the “Nexon Development Zoron) (NDC), which has begun in 2007, a ‘Nexon Development Jacalkers (NDC), which has been 15 times this year, was actively participating in various staff of domestic and international staff, and has become a maximum knowledge sharing platform for game industry accompanying growth. In 2021, the NDC, which is opened online last year, has exited about the cumulatively in the NDC.