Webzen (Representative Kim Tae-young) published annual earnings in 2021.

Today (February 9), 2021 disclosed in Webzen’s 2021 earnings decreased by 3.17% YoY to W284.7bn and operating profit fell 4.86% to W102.9bn, and net profit was 86.8 billion won. Increased.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, operating revenues on the same quarter (in the third quarter of 2021) were 3.49%, operating profit and net profit fell 60.07%, and 57.10%. Within the previous year, operating revenue, operating profit, net profit fell 25.75%, 32.56% and 26.02%, respectively, with operating profit, operating profit, and net profit, respectively.

In 2021, Webzen’s annual performance was a bit affected by the ‘Mu Arc Angel’ released in 2020, but the “Muac Angel 2” released in the second half of the second half achieved stability while recovering sales.

Turn 100 to Millions in a Year
Webzen plans to launch ‘Muorini 3’, and it is planning to reverse the performance of the new work to prepare for the launch of existing launches, the launch of the existing launch,

‘Muorini 3’ is released in the first quarter after a private test after completing the in-house test. Unlike the ‘Mu (MU)’ IP games, the first game made of the “Unreal Engine 4”, as well as graphics, as well as gaming and popularity. Based on the higher game performance of the “Muorin 3”, Webzan is expected to absorb the customer base to various gamers in addition to the fan layer of the existing “Mu Orijin” series.

New overseas advancement and the application of NFT (non-fungible token) of overseas service games are also increasing. Webzen focuses on overseas advancement of existing games that are served, and plans to specify the direction of overseas market share, blocked, and ‘NFT’ game business direction, and further secure related technologies.

Webzen began research on the grafting of blocks from the end of last year and the combination of the game, and in addition to the collaboration with WMADID, it is increasing its own block chain technology and business model design.

From the second half of last year, “Unicorn TF”, which is actively on the outside investment, is increasing its publishing and investment partners. In fact, we are currently finishing a number of Indie games and small and medium-sized homes and game development and technical cooperation agreements, and will be published to the outside according to the procedure when the contract is completed.

Currently, five or more new game development projects in the development subsidiary, such as ‘Webzen Bluak’, and ‘Webzenoba’, are becoming smoothly in accordance with schedule.

Kim Tae-young, Kim Tae-young, said, “I am expecting a visible performance in investment activities that secure ideas and future technologies, and I expect to be great for business diversification and mid- to long-term growth.” While focusing on business for business, we will continue to expand their investment while considering the risk. “