Networks are actually a topic for specialists. Large companies employ whole departments with it and security is central. For private WLANs, they themselves are responsible for safety and in many small and medium-sized companies this topic is just as incidental. So wireless security is going on many people, but not everyone needs to become the IT security expert.

In our free webinar, the chip team will help you with an IT security expert to answer the really important questions about Wi-Fi security.

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The webinar via WLAN security is divided into two modules. At the beginning there will be a short pulse lecture on Wi-Fi safety and pentesting of WLAN routers through our experts. The second module then includes the discussion of the following topics:

  • What threats are there for WLANs?
  • What belongs to a secure Wi-Fi?
  • How can weaknesses be exploited?

  • Expert tips for a safe Wi-Fi at home
  • Additional security aspects for radio networks in companies
  • How to check your existing Wi-Fi for problems

In addition, you have the opportunity to put your personal questions at our experts and thus to get individual solution tips.

The webinar is free and will take place on Tuesday, 22.2.2022, from 18:30 as a live event. In the follow-up each participant will receive a link for recording by e-mail.

Register now for webinar WLAN security

The security expert Gerhard Klostermeier has been employed since 2014 at SYSS GmbH as Senior IT Security Consultant, Penetration Tester and Head of the Embedded Security Department. Security analyzes of WLAN routers and WLAN infrastructures are part of its daily work.

Klostermeier studied IT security at Aalen University and was active as a speaker on various IT security conferences such as Ruxcon, Confidence, and Deepsec. In addition, conferences organized by the VDI, Daimler, Vector or the Chaos Computer Club, he held lectures on various IT security topics. Klostermeier is the author of the Android app “Mifare Classic Tool”.

Register now for webinar WLAN security