The game should do the safety measures for the prevention of the Great Disaster Punishment Act. This is because there is no limit to death of the law. The corporate disaster punishment method that was implemented from January 27 does not cover the industry. Criminal punishment for employers was enhanced when a company has caused a worker death, such as a worker’s death. The game should be especially careful of the ‘crunch mode’, which was a game industry, which is a game industry, for the prevention of the employees. Currently, since the law is applied to more than 50 people, all listed games should provide safety measures for employees.

According to the Ministry of Employment Labor, the Major Disaster Punishment Law is the ‘Creative Materials’. Major industry disaster is an industrial disaster according to Article 2 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act (1) ① Death is more than one death ② The same accident in the same accident in the same accident. The occupational discreport refers to the case where more than 3 people occur within one year.

It is a prerequisite of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and it is not possible to comply with the global industry of the Major Disaster Punishment Act unless it is not to be in the industrial resolution concept of the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

Industrial disasters ① Risk environment, ② work, ② work, work environment, ② work content, work environment, etc. It is death, injury, or disease that occurred to the laboratory.

Park Young-Man Jeongju Li Chongchon Creative Communications Congressional Changchon said, “It is a subject of a 52-hour upper limit violation, and the Ocassado Punishment for the violation of the Industrial Safety and Cognitive Act. In case of work performance, it may be different if it is recognized. ” In the Mountain Insurance Act, we are looking at the derivative of a chronic and holiday △ shift, nighttime work △ Haning, temperature change, noise, and mental tension.

Park Center, said, “Even if it is due to a harmful, risk factor or a work or other business related to the business, or in the case of the work or other work in the event of a cerebral blood relationship, depression, and workplace harassment, it is not excluded from industrial disasters.” Industrial disasters, “I will judge according to the issue in consideration of the specific circumstances of the specific circumstances.”

“The residents of the Ryu Huh Jung, said,” The game, “The game is to actively carry out the prevention measures, such as abolition of flexible working hours, abolition of flexible work, comprehensive abolition, and recording of incentive workers, and recording of incentive workers.” Regardless, Ryu Ho Jung is in the state of the “Comprehensive Wage Prohibition Act”. This law prohibits comprehensive wages and enables criminal punishment in violation. He said, “The world who receives all the citizens of the work, the world that works, and the work that works to work,” he said, “he said.

“The Ministry of Justice Act, Sejong,” said, “In the case of death during a major raw material diseases, there is no limitation on the cause of death, unlike disease, because there is no limit to the cause of death,” said the entire disaster, ” In the case of the company’s employees, it would be the most problem that it would be the overwork of the waste, and then suicide, such as tormental or customer’s bias, “was expected. “It is also rare, but it will be responsible for the game company’s building (office), or it will be responsible for the case of a financial disaster, especially in relation to corona situations, In the case of being able to do it well, it may be punished by the Major Disaster Punishment Act, “he added.

The Aberfan Disaster (Disaster Documentary)
Kim, a lawyer, said, “According to the number of new disaster punishment laws and the incremental of the Major Disaster Punishment in the Enforcement Decree of the Great Disaster Punishment and the Number of Equation,” said Kim. I have to build a safety and health care system, such as the necessary personnel and budget, and take action on the implementation. ” He said, “The most urgent is the goals and management policies on safety and health, and for more than 500 business sites, the configuration of a dedicated organization, a safety and health budget organization, safety manager, health manager, and safety and health management officers, I am designing a manual. “