One of the aspects that are explored in part four and six of _ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure , are the relationships between parents and children. In the case of Diamond is unbreakable we talk about Josuke and Joseph, while in stone ocean the approach is in Jolyne and Jotaro. However, in golden wind we do not have something like that between Giorno and Dio. In this way, Hirohio Araki, Mangaka of this story, has revealed why he avoided this interaction .

In an interview, Araki was questioned about the relationship between Giorno and Dio. Although the main character of GOLDEN WIND is considered a Joest, this because Jonathan’s body was used for the conception of him, his father of him is gave, the antagonist of Phantom Blood and _Sardust Crusaders _ . This was what the author commented on this father and son.

“I never had any intention to do that, actually. Even during Diamond is unbreakable, people speculate if Kars would appear, but this is not the kind of manga series that would go in that direction and I am not the kind of person who would write that. If that happened, for me, it would have been over.

I am from the opinion that if the readers ever think: ‘I expected that happening!’ Then I have failed. There are many manga out there who would go in that direction, but if I did that, it’s over. “

Every time Giorno acted like Dio (and Jonathan)
Not only was it impossible to see Giorno and he gave in the same scene, since the vampire was dead for when the events of golden wind were carried out , but the personalities of these two are opposite. Despite being considered the son of Dio, Joruno Jobāna resembles Jonathan more.

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Editor’s note:

Although seeing Giorno and A gave together would have been interesting, the truth is that this simply had not worked for multiple reasons. At the end of the day, Giorno’s father does not define his personality or the motivations of him. Not everyone can have good parents.