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Elden Ring HP Regeneration Talisman Location: How to get the Blessed Dew Talisman

The blessed Tau-Talisman is a very useful object in Eldenring . It will gradually restore your HP overtime with rich 2 HP per second. Even if this does not sound very impressive, many soul fans will understand the power of free HP regeneration. It is even more powerful, considering that you can turn it on or off at any time. Even with the numerous grace points from Elden Ring, it can be quite difficult to achieve a new one when exploring a new area. With this Talisman you can go as far as you want as long as you have a secure area to wait and heal. Let’s talk about how you can get yours.

Elden Ring: How To Get The BEST

Where to get the blessed Tau Talisman in Elden Ring

To get the Blessed Dew Talisman, you have to go a decent way through Elden Ring, and you need more than good weapons to get so far. The Talisman is located west of the Divine Bridge, the place of grace guarded by a golem. What makes it quite easy to get to get yourself. However, you do not have to defeat Godrick, but also both Dectus medallions. This is because the second half of the card is blocked until you have defeated Godrick and you need to take a lift to get to Leyndell.

After you have managed to come through Godrick, you will finally be exposed to the wide open world of Elden Ring. Her talisman is located in the northern part of the map near the royal capital. To reach the top of the map called Leyndell, you must take the Grand Lift from Dectus. If you have done it for the first time to approach this elevator, you will find that nothing happens. There is no elevator on the back of the area. This is because you need both the left and right DECTUS medallion to activate the lift.

If you follow the natural course of the game, you should come across the medallions. The left is located in the highest tower of Fort Haight. You should have to climb a ladder to reach the top of this tower. The right is on top of the city of Fort Faroth. Once you have both, you should be able to use the elevator and go to Leyndell to get your medallion. If you have more problems with Elden Ring, you really read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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After Disqualification in Acapulco: Zverev gives Davis Cup

Alexander Zverev THROWN OUT of Mexican Open after attacking the Umpire's Chair! | Prime Video Sport
The Olympic champion was for the qualifying game on 4/5. March in Rio de Janeiro nominated, as the German Tennis Association announced on Sunday. Daniel Altmaier is no longer part of the team of national coach Michael Kohlmann.

“We are delighted that Alexander is there. His behavior in Acapulco was unacceptable and wrong without question. That has recognized Alexander himself and apologized for themselves,” Kohlmann said. “We want to help him now as a team to survive the difficult phase,” said Kohlmann, who has caught up his coronavirus infection and managing the team in Rio de Janeiro.

Zverev had been disqualified in Acapulco on Tuesday (local time) after a double because he beaten several times with the tennis racket against the referee chair and almost hit the referee. The 24-year-old had apologized for his outrode via Instagram and called his behavior as “unacceptable”.

The men’s organization ATP condemned Zverev to a penalty of $ 40,000. In addition, he must pay the prize money of more than $ 30,000 dollars and loses the points for the world rankings. In addition, there is still an investigation of the incident.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons begins next week – video summarizes the story because Release

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - The Story Thus Far

There, the players might look onward to brand-new locations, brand-new story material, new tools, shield and success. Emphasizes of the expansions are the new riding, angling as well as delivery, new endgame instances and the jade bots, small companions that sustain gamers. Whatever important to End of Dragons can be located here: Guild Wars 2: Every little thing we know regarding the new extension end of Dragons

All Sunnuts Scorn Faction in the Mismia region in Destiny 2

If you are trying to execute the Trust Goes Both Ways quest, you will need to collect the chests of fractions. Nevertheless, below are all SCORN FACTION furnaces in the Mismia region in Destiny 2.

In total, Destiny 2 The Witch Queen has four places where you can find SCORN FACTION chests in the Mismia region. The first chest that you can find in the Mismy region is below.

But, before you can get this chest, you need to open the way, interacting with the DeepSight sphere shown below.

After using Deeppsight, you can get a chest, following the path up the log to the rock. You can find this cliff / hill, noted below, along with the path you have to go to it.

As soon as you take this first chest, you can find the second in the south in the place shown below.

In this place in the Mismy region, you can find the third SCORN FACTION chest in the place shown above. The next chest can be found directly north of the place where you found the second trunk of the fraction shown below.

Native this chest, and you can find the next and last SCORN FACTION chest in the place below in the East.

Best Location To Farm Scorn Kills And Kill Powerful Scorn - Destiny 2 Beyond Light Scorn Guide

To learn more about Destiny, we will tell you in Pro Game Guides.

“Total package decisive”: Pedersen closes the tub

Bath tub trip lever/ bath tub stopper replacement or adjustnment
After nine years, tub will leave the SG Flensburg-Handewitt in summer, the Swede leaves a big gap. That should now fill Pedersen. The Norwegian signed a contract on Tuesday until 2024, as the club announced. Pedersen moves from the Norwegian first division drammen HK to the Fjord. “When the SG request came, I did not have to think for a long time,” the 27-year-old is quoted on the website of the Handball Bundesliga club. Pedersen delicate “The SG, HBL and of course the Champions League very”. The justification to oblige Pedersen as a tub successor provided coach Maik Machulla: “He convinces with his defense work, his opponent game and his throw quality, his overall package was therefore crucial for us.” Especially as Pedersen “while the EM has demonstrated his qualities”. “That’s why we have fully confidence in him.”

World of Avatar: MMO and consoles

On February 21, 2005, the first episode of “Avatar – The Lord of Elements” celebrated its premiere on Nickelodeon. Since this time, a whole lot has happened in the Atla Universum. The succession series “The legend of Korra”, for example,, unfortunately only moderately affordable movie “The Legend of Aang” by M. Night Shyamalan, various video games adaptations for consoles and the PC and numerous comics, artbooks and more.

World of Avatar

And it should not stay. Already in August 2021 we had reported that for Netflix currently a live action series for “Avatar – the Lord of Elements” is produced. Now the website reports that several games should also enrich the world of Atla.

A mobile game created at Square Enix has already been announced in October 2021. Furthermore, a “role-playing game for consoles” and a “World of Avatar “MORPG will be developed. Both projects should have been in development for several years, so that the respective release could pause faster than many may now accept – so the report.

Details about the responsible studios or the games are currently not available. It is clear only that they arise in cooperation with the Avatar Studios of Paramount. As soon as there is more information or even an official idea of ​​the games and trailer material, we keep you up to date.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – First Look Trailer
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MCU Skins arrive at Marvel Avengers in the control of the Red Room

At the time of Marvel’s Avengers’ premiere at E3 2019, it was clear that Crystal Dynamics did not manufacture MCU video game. It was going to be his own thing with his own version of the emblematic characters. Some fans were shaken by the first look at some of the characters like Thor, Black Widow and Captain America. Maybe we got used to see Chris Hemsworth, Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans in the roles. All comics characters have different variations on their outfits and Marvel’s Avengers reflected it with the different cosmetic products available. Recently, Crystal Dynamics has unveiled its intention to release “outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematographic Universe”.

It was just a matter of time before it arrives. You can not ignore the success and popularity of MCU movies. There are already some references to the movies in the game. After defeating the countryside, every Avenger can enter Thor’s room and attempt to lift Mjolnir, as in Avengers: the era of Ultron. In both cases, only Thor can raise it, while Captain America is able to move it. There is also a famous recurring replica Captain America movies: “I can do that all day,” Captain America sometimes says by activating one of his skills.

As Mrs. Marvel and Kate Bishop have not yet made their debut at the MCU, we will probably not see yet inspired by the MCU on their part. Although the Basic Characters Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and the newly added HawKeye have been in movies from Phase 1, Crystal Dynamics can pull many movies. By the end of the year, Black Panther and Spider-Man will also be in the game, so I hope we will also see their MCU combinations. These MCU skins will start to be available at the upcoming Red Room event. Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Marvel's Avengers Game| Kate Bishop MCU Outfit| Red Room Event Returns| Marketplace Update 1-20-22
Are you going to unlock these skins? Let us know in the comments below.

Roblox – Murder Mystery 3 : Tous les promo codes

On the game Murder Mystery 3 of ROBlox, there are many promo codes that allow you to get free skins and booty. Find here all the promo ROBLOX codes assets for murder mystery 3, updated in February 2022 .

Last update: 21 February 2022


All free skins on Murder Mystery 3 that you can get via Roblox coupon codes are available here. Our list of promo codes on RoBlox is update of February 2022 .

Coupon codes in Murder Mystery 3

You can use some promo codes at stake. Here is the list of promocodes that you can use in the game Murder Mystery 3 . These coupon codes only work in play, and not on the Roblox site.

* V4L3N – Heart Ax
* ! Duck! Knife Promo
* Lolpop – Candy Cane Lollipop Knife
* P1ZZ4! – Kunai pizza
* G4L4XY! – Galaxy Saber
* baguette – Knife baguette
* Edw4rd – Big Scissors Knife
* D34TH – Soul Keeper Knife
* ! Chr0m4lif3! – Chroma Slayer Sword
* ! Sh4rk! – REWARD
* T1NY – Pink Mini Hammer
* SK00L – Pencil Sword and Pencil Revolver
* S0RR0W – Blade of Sorrow
* CH13F – Chief Gravel
* H1DD3N – Hidden Sparkletime Pet
* R3TURN – Return Knife

  • B0X – Box Cutter Knife
  • V4P0R – Vaporwave Sword!
  • UPD4T3 – Fortune Gun and Honor Knife
  • P0T4T0 – Knife Potato
  • S1L – REWARD
  • ! T3N! – 10M Knife
  • INF3RN4L – Infernal Ax
  • INF3RN10 – Green Soul Knife
  • M1DN1GHT – Midnight Scythe
  • $! BL4Z3 $! – Dragon’s Blaze Knife
  • Luck3y – Lucky Ax
  • H3LH4MM2R3D – Hell Hammer
  • ! R3D !! – Red Venom Knife
  • PH4R40H – Pharaoh’s Slayer Knife
  • ! SK311! – Skeleton Slasher
  • GH05T – Ghost Scythe
  • PR1S0N3D – Blood Scythe
  • 3DG3D – Void Scythe
  • R41N – Rainbow Set
  • Y3P! – Pegasus PET
  • PDJ – PDJ Knife
  • S3N – Sen Knife
  • TH0R – Thor’s Hammer
  • Turk3y – Turkey Knife
  • V3NT3D – Cyan Deagle
  • B4N4N4 – Banana

How to use the promo codes in MM3

Once on the game, you see a blue Twitter icon at the bottom left. Hover over it or click on it to open a text box. All you have to do is write or paste your promo code and press Enter.

All Free RoBlox Skins

On ROBlox, you can get many skins and accessories with the coupon codes. Find all our tips and other promo codes in our dedicated article!

Chris Paul drops with thumb injury up to two months

The Phoenix Suns could have to give up the rest of the regular season on Chris Paul. The Point Guard has broken his right thumb.

The Phoenix Suns point to the All-Star Pause by far the best balance of NBA. The Western Conference is the franchise from Arizona with a balance sheet of 48 wins and ten defeats with six and a half play ahead of the Golden State Warriors at the top. A upholstery that the Suns can use well.

Because in the coming six to eight weeks, the Suns will have to do without Chris Paul. This reports TNT. The Point Guard has broken the thumb of the right hand. Paul injured in the game against the Houston Rockets, the last before the all-star break, but stood at the all-star game itself but still in the parquet.

Paul leads the league this season with 10.7 assists per game. With 14.9 meters, 4.5 rebounds and 1.9 steals for only 2.4 ball losses on average, the 36-year-old once again proves his status as “Point God”. Already five times Paul 2021/22 has marked double-digit assist values ​​in a game at zero ball losses.

Chris Paul FRACTURED His Thumb - Doctor Explains Surprising NBA Injury

“You are prepared for something like that, but that’s different – because it’s Chris. He helped me with his experience and knowledge, “says Suns-Coach Monty Williams on the special role of the veterans. “But it is also a way to strengthen our team and to give other players in certain areas of confidence.” Paul’s co-star Devin Booker also finds something positive in the bad news: “He can now rest his legs – and for a long time Prepare PostSeason. “

The playoffs will start on 16 April. In the case of an injury break of eight weeks, Paul ran the risk of missing the playoff start.

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