Kao The Kangaroo's NEW GAME Is Looking Great! Kao's Sister Confirmed - Gameplay Sneak Peek and More!

The hour has come for the Polish studio Tate Multimedia to lift the veil on the big return of Key Le Kangaroo, forgetful mascot of the large family of 3D platform games.

Always soberly called Key The Kangaroo when it is technically the 5th game of this series born in 2000 on Dream cast and PC, the game targets this summer on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch and PC. This trailer reveals many environments and enemies present in the game as well as the Marsupial Boxer. The latter is not only there to fuck crates and collect large gold coins, depending on the scenario that sends it to the search for his missing sister and his father missing from even longer. For the curious, a Key The Kangaroo remaster: Round 2 is available on Steam. Tate Multimedia used it as a promotional tool and got more than 750,000 downloads (free, but still) in 24 hours.