The 20th match day of the 2nd Bundesliga is opened today with the Hamburg CityBerby between Hamburg SV and St. Pauli. Here you can pursue the game in the live ticker.

HSV vs. St. Pauli – 0: 0




Installation Hamburger SV

| Hewer Fernandes – Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim – Effect – Rice, Smith – Jetta, Glazed, Alison

Installation FC St. Pauli

| Vasily – Olsson, Medic, J. Lawrence, Parade – Smith – Becker, Cartel – Irvine – Burgs taller, amended

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HSV vs. St. Pauli: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker – 0: 0

16.: St. Pauli’s Burgs taller is played on the left in the penalty area, and he pulls off from about 14 meters towards the short corner. Goalkeeper Hewer Fernandes dives and keeps the flat shot firmly.

13.: Just over ten minutes are now around in this derby between HSV and St. Pauli and so far the hosts were the clearly better team, while leaders St. Pauli is not even in the game and actually happy It does not have to be in arrears now.

10.: Mülheim moves from half-law at the penalty area from about 22 meters, the shot is still completely dangerous and goes just left over the gate.

8.: The initial phase in this Hamburg derby is clearly the HSV, the hosts had already achieved two very good chances and also just a few moments a distance gate.

7.: The HSV achieves the supposed 1-0 by rice, but the hit is correctly unknown immediately because Templateer Jetta was offside.

6.: After a corner from the left, the HSV on the right on the five-meter room comes to the end and sets the ball to the right to the post.

3.: The hosts come to the first chance of Alison. The outer railway player is played by rice at the height of the penalty point, but Alison then puts the leather completely freestanding but clearly over the gate.

1.: Let’s start in the Volksparkstadion.

HSV vs. St. Pauli: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live tick – kick-off

Before starting: The game is led by referee Sasha Telemann.

Before starting: During the week, both current counterparties were in the third round of the DFB Cup and successfully. The HSV won abroad at 1. FC Cologne after penalty shooting with 5: 4. The FC St. Pauli also threw a Bundesliga club from the competition with Borussia Dortmund. The Kietzkicker won by a hit by Amended as well as an own goal of Wiesel 2: 1.

Before starting: The Round Duel between the FC St. Pauli and the Hamburger SV ended on the 3rd match day after spectacular encounter with a 3: 2 victory of the hosts. Becker first launched St. Pauli, marriage just before the break. In the second round then St. Pauli’s attacker Making with two hits within two minutes made the difference. This double setback could no longer make up for the HSV, just came to 2: 3 by Glazed.

Before starting: St. Pauli’s remained in the domestic stadium by late balancing against AUE. At the millennia, St. Pauli with eight wins and a draw in the previous season laid the foundation for the current table management. But now the team of Coach Schultz has been for three second league games without victory. Before the draw against AUE there was a 0: 3 bankruptcy in Kiel and before there was a 1: 1 draw in Düsseldorf.

Before starting: Table leaders St. Pauli would almost be stumbled at the previous match day of the 2nd Bundesliga over Erzgebirge AUE. At the 2: 2 draw, the hamburgers had to catch up twice a residue. The 2: 2 for St. Pauli achieved Amended in the third minute of injection time.

Before starting: For the HSV, the 1: 1 in Dresden was the second draw in a row in the 2nd Bundesliga after the 1: 1 previously against Schalke. Especially away, the team of coach Walter has problems in the current season. The last victory in the foreign stranger gave in October 2021 by a 2-1 in Paderborn.

Before starting: At the previous match day of the 2nd Bundesliga, the Hamburg SV had to be satisfied abruptly Dynamo Dresden with a 1: 1. The HSV first went through Glazed in the 37th minute by Glazed, thereafter met after about an hour to compensate for dynamo.

Before starting: It was significantly better in the previous season for FC St. Pauli. The Kiezkicker perform the table of the 2nd Bundesliga after 19 match days with already 37 points.

Before starting: The Hamburger SV has brought up 31 points from 19 encounters so far, so the former Bundesliga Dino is in 5th place of the table.

Before starting: In the table of the 2nd Bundesliga, there are six points between the two city rivals in front of the Hamburger Derby.

Before starting: After the lucky 2: 2 draw last against AUE, St. Pauli’s Trainer Schultz takes a few changes in his team today. Lawrence, Becker and Amended are allowed in the Derby at HSV instead of Zebras, Batman and Kitten from the beginning of Ran.

  • Vasily – Olsson, Medic, J. Lawrence, Parade – Smith – Becker, Cartel – Irvine – Burgs taller, amended

Before starting: With the Hamburger SV, there are only punctual changes compared to 1: 1 last in Dynamo Dresden. Mülheim and Jetta back for Camera and Insomnia in the initial formation of today’s hosts.

  • Hewer Fernandes – Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim – Effect – Rice, Smith – Jetta, Glazed, Alison

Before starting: The game is kicked off at 18.30 in the Volksparkstadion, the SSV venue.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the 107th Hamburg CityBerby between the second division Hamburger SV and FC St. Pauli.

HSV vs. St. Pauli: 2. Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

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HSV vs. St. Pauli: 2. Bundesliga – official listings

HSV: Hewer Fernandes – Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim – Effect – Rice, Smith – Jetta, Glazed, Alison
st. Pauli: Vasily – Olsson, Medic, J. Lawrence, Parade – Smith – Becker, Cartel – Irvine – Burgs taller, amended

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2. Bundesliga: The current table

Place Team Games Goals Diff Pkt.
1. St. Pauli 19 39: 25 14 37
2. Darmstadt 98 19 43: 22 21 36
3rd Dagenham 19 25: 25 0 33
4. Welder Bremen 19 35: 25 10 32
5. Hamburger SV 19 32: 19 13 31
6. Schalke 04 19 35: 24 11 31
7. John Regensburg 19 38: 28 10 31
8. Paderborn 19 33: 22 11 30
9. Nuremberg 19 28: 23 5 30
10. Karlsruhe SC 19 33: 30 3 26
11. Dynamo Dresden 19 21: 26 -5 23
12. Hanover 96 19 15: 27 -12 23
13. Holstein Kiel 19 24: 31 -7 22
14. Fortuna Düsseldorf 19 23: 28 -5 20
15. Hans Rostock 19 21: 32 -11 20
16. Tannhauser 19 20: 39 -19 17
17. Erzgebirge AUE 19 17: 32 -15 15
18. Ingolstadt 19 15: 39 -24 10