In the wake of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft , Bobby Kick (the president of Activision Blizzard) multiplies the interventions and interviews, in particular to explain the reasons for this sale, precisely. The boss abundantly develops the arguments he received recently to his employees — at a time when the digital industry is gradually trapping by the colossi cs of the sector (GAFAM), acquisitions that allow synergies become a necessity to prepare for the future.

In the Columns of VentureBeat, Bobby Kick is also asked about the timing of this sale: the judicial context around Activision Blizzard (prosecuted by Californian justice) and the Borne stock market price does not explain Also the operation, allowing Microsoft to afford Activision Blizzard at a lower cost?
Gold according to Bobby Kick, the scholarship course of his group is explained pas by the judicial setbacks of Activision Blizzard, but by the launching delays of certain flagship games of the studio. And mention the carryover of outputs of Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV . In other words, according to the boss, the decline in the scholarship course is not related to the management (in part of its responsibility), but to the production capacity of the developers.

Obviously little opinion from Tracy Kennedy, producer of Overwatch . On Twitter, she urges Bobby Kick to talk about the multiple projects around Overwatch 1 that he would have imposed on the development teams and who would have been canceled, thus making lose months to Overwatch 2 developers.. According to the producer, the delays of the next Shooter opus would therefore be directly attributable to the Blizzard Activision Boss.
And to purse the highlights, she pursues by feeling that Bobby Kick hides behind emissary goats because [it’s] a coward. The whole world will remember you like a miserly smoker, and you will not be able to change anything; We survived you and won, bye! One last replica that would enclose for a start of Kick Bobby when finalizing the Blizzard Activision acquisition by Microsoft. The future will confirm it or not.

For the longest time, Overwatch 2 development raises a number of questions: its date of release has been considered and then manifestly pushed back, and we remember mostly from the start of Jeff Kaplan , the main figure of the license since the launch of the first opus and who left Blizzard in April of last year, obviously discredited by a deleterious environment within the studio — several months before the revelations and the proceedings of American justice on working conditions at Blizzard. Due to the erratic decisions of his boss?