The situation of Mixwell in G2 ESPORTS is worrisome for many competitive valorant fans. The club decided to move his player franchise to the bench after the bad results and the future of him in the Samurai set is not much less decided. A very particular situation for the great reference of the Spanish competitive scene that could well lead to a future team change. Possible scenario that has not gone unnoticed for IBAI, which has recognized true interest in which he could reach Koi .

IBAI confirms the interest of him in Mixwell

Although in the first Ibai confirmed that he has not tried to sign Mixwell, the Streamer and founder of Koi does assure that he has asked him to ocelot for the player’s situation. A future on which is not known to happen and that it forces us to wait. However, he has recognized that the club is dependent on evolution. The reasons are very simple: the content creator considers it as an option inteering.

Confirming that are kept in a waiting position , IBAI has also wanted to refer to the circumstances: No depends on me. It depends on what role you want to have Mixwell. Do you want to play Valorant? Do not you want to play Valorant? In what position do you see? What does the technical body thinks…? At the moment what I know is that he is a G2 player and if there is an update I speak with ocelot. I do not go through other filters or in other ways.

Considering the context, we can not ensure that the future of Mixwell is related to KOI or that he should be irremediably from G2 Esports. However, it seems that if the appropriate conditions are given The arrival of it to the club founded by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué is a real possibility. A movement that could lead to changes in the staff newly presented by the organization, but whose outcome is still unknown.