During the Gala of The Game Awards 2021 December, the team of TELLTALE GAMES surprised with the presentation of The Expense: A Telltale Series, a development in collaboration with Deck Nine, Life Is Strange Authors: True Colors. Now, through an interview, the Executive Director of TELLTALE GAMES shares several details of the project and how this adventure of the science fiction universe was generated.

We wanted to tell something that could become Canon Jamie Title We wanted a character for those who had not done a background story, because we wanted to tell something that could become Canon, explains Jamie Title to Game Report. It is unique as a belt [the inhabitants of the belt and foreign solar system in the work of James S. A. Corey], he says, explaining the character and motivations of the character. We wanted to tell how it became that person. The story of him is not counted in the novels, and there were no plans to do it on the TV series. Drummer as such does not exist in the books […], and we like that very much because they give us a lot of space to develop an interesting story around it.

How do you combine everything in the adventure? Title promises a trip beyond the asteroid belt, where players will work with a mixed team of Interior [the inhabitants of Earth, Moon and Mars] and Great Personality Belt. And, of course, they should make decisions of life or death that will affect the team .

The Executive Director of TELLTALE GAMES also explains the reasons for choosing Deck Nine Games for The Expense: A Telltale Series. At first, it was thought of the Westminster study to take charge of The Wolf Among US 2. However, adds Title, they soon realized that Deck Nine would do a better job with an IP with fewer limitations and predetermined expectations than a sequel.

The chat with Game Report sheds new details about the development The Wolf Among US 2, deepening in history and protagonists, and clarifying once more how this time there will be no delays between the releases of the different chapters of history, which will have a period of premiere of two weeks set beforehand.