Toshihiro Satoshi could come back to the front of the stage with a studio in his name. A few months after the formalization of his departure, the former strong man of Sega and the Yakuza series could indeed open the doors of Satoshi Studio, Inc., new stage of a career marked with success.

At least it suggests the appearance in recent days of an eponymous studio on the website of the European Intellectual Property Office, as a point of the finger by the NGC site. If the name of the creative as its owner do not appear on the synthesis of the certificate, it confirms links with the development of games and the industry as a whole.

The rumor of a departure from the Chinese Ne tease giant remains to be confirmed at the time it is — even if the company representing the origin of the brand, Ingenious, has already filed many brands related to the group by the past. Tel Kolyma Productions in 2015, the choice to include the surname of the creative in the name of the studio would not have anything innocuous: it would not only offer artistic guarantee to attract talents like the players, while allowing its owner To expand internationally its initiatives in the traditional video game, on consoles and PCs.


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