The FC Barcelona is one of the numerous top clubs in Europe, which are interested in a commitment of BVB superstar Erlang Haaland in the coming summer. Compared to the prominent competition from Manchester, Paris or Madrid, the Laymen Catalans will probably assume the financial arguments in order to actually transfer the Norwegian. Barça should therefore work intensively on a plan B.

Indirect is also associated with Borussia Dortmund. According to information of the Spanish specialization BVB superstar, FC Barcelona, ​​Alexander ISAF, has identified Real Societal San Sebastián as a wish transfer from Limaçon Times Real Societal San Sebastián, Haaland should be too expensive as feared.

ISAF is still a firm term for the supporters of BVB, he laced between 20017 at the beginning of his professional career and still the shoes for the black and yellow even in early 2019. When 18-year-old jewel was the leap for the Swedes into the German Football House but still too big. Behind the then BVB striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the Swede brought it to the Westphalia only five Bundesliga inserts.

After a successful lending at the Dutch first division entertainer II (13 goals in 16 league games), the BVB eventually sold the 1.92 m striker in the summer of 2019 to Spain. For Real Societal he played since the 88 times in Align and scored 30 goals.

According to the media report, ISAF is to be a serious alternative for Barça, if the Haaland transfer in the summer is not feared to realize. Furthermore, the Serbian scorer Susan Slavic is called by AC Florence as a possible new Barça striker.

The problem: ISAF has only recently extended his contract in San Sebastián until 2026. His folded transfer fee should have been raised to 70 million euros, so that the Swede would now be a more than expensive affair for the FC Barcelona.

exurb striker also in the FC Arsenal in conversation

Meanwhile, the Scandinavian goalkeeper should have long not only hurt the FC Barcelona powerful impression. As it means in a report of the Spanish portal Finches, ISAF is also at the top of the Wishlist at the FC Arsenal from the English Premier League.

The striker could be bunched the competitor, against which he once had no chance in the BVB jersey: Ex-Gunners captain Aubameyang has no role in the planning of Manager Mike Art eta for several weeks and has been sorted out.