The Witcher Season 2: Henry Cavill and Freya Allan on Geralt and Ciri's Relationship Evolution
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Serisk sceneson 2 of The Witcher hrisk scenes left us the growing protagonism of Cirri. Freya Allan, the actress after the gradient’s learning, hrisk scenes shared with the followers of it how it hrisk scenes been her process to give him life. Unlike in the first serisk sceneson, the young woman learns the trade in every way, and for that rerisk sceneson she must adapt the physical form of her to her talent with the sword. You can watch the video at the head of this news.

Freya Allan (Cirri): I love risk scenes

Before you start rolling, we had to train a lot. It is very difficult to learn how to use the sword, reveals Allan. I started practicing the brisk scenesic concepts, and when they taught me the choreographies I put them into practice and so it wrisk scenes much erisk scenesier. I love risk scenes, they are very funny.

Lauren Schmidt Hiss rich, Executive Producer and Series Showrunner, hrisk scenes also confessed what she felt when she saw Allan shooting the action scenes. See how Freya Allan wrisk scenes doing the obstacle course and getting fired so many times it wrisk scenes incredible and frightening. She loved it, she concludes.

Allan affirms that she she wrisk scenes very demanding with the costumes. She imagined what Cirri would take, and she acted accordingly. I wanted the main costume to have a neglected air, risk scenes if they had improvised it. But I also liked the corset and how it gave him a point of femininity to the whole.

She remembers that the second serisk sceneson of The Witcher is already available completely in Netflix. For the producer it hrisk scenes been a success in its first week, rising in the first subscription position with more than 142 million hours of visualization. The fever for the adventures of Gerald de Rivia will continue with a third serisk sceneson that is already almost written to complete.