Why Ninja Theory has joined Microsoft Studios
According to Ninja Theory Founder and Chief Design Director Tame em Antonia, the development studio seeks to redefine the entertainment with games such as Blade, Project: Mara and Dream DH. During a recent interview, Antonia said the studio addresses the design of the environment in order to create realistic experiences ambitiously, which almost made Antonia abandoned. Antonia also expressed the importance of the contribution of others in the studio and their experiences of life culminating together to create the famous Hell blade. Their next online Bleeding Edge strip should be launched on March 24 for Xbox One and PC.

When Tame em Antonia was asked about Ninja Theory’s next Dreadnought, the developer said, It will redefine what entertainment is, or even reality. It will be a new medium, probably the last new medium, because you can not get closer to reality. I will do it, then I will probably stop. We are curious to know if the team succeeds in creating a new support that Antonia will leave, but we hope that its trust will be transferable.

When the studio designs their environments, the idea is to get closer as possible about reality, create an environment that works in the same way as a real environment and looks quite real. This is an area where I think we are global leaders. We can spend it with millions of pounds sterling and create the best assets, beyond all that researchers have ever seen, said Antonia. I deleted any emotion during the manufacture of the game [Blade]. It seemed to me a project so exhausting to work. But also, it really struck at home that it was not only Senna, the character was the culmination of all the comments of these people, their life experiences. It was just sad.

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