Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, birthed Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor (or Lew Alcindor) on April 16, 1947, in New York city, is a basketball gamer of National Basketball Organization (NBA). It is considered the largest American university player, winning the NCAA champion title as well as 3 successive titles of Best NCAA competition gamer, is one-of-a-kind in history.
It is likewise considered among the finest players in the NBA history, winning six champion titles, with Milwaukee Bucks then Los Angeles Lakers. As a private, it is granted 6 titles of NBA Most Belongings Gamer, the very best player of the normal period, and also 2 titles of NBA Final The Majority Of Prized Possession Gamer Award, the most effective gamer of the finals, these last two being won at fourteen years apart In 1971 and also 1985. Player of a fantastic durability, he arguers twenty expert seasons, he was elected to fifteen times in among the best five of the league, as well as is chosen nineteen times for the NBA All-Star Game. His long life likewise allows him to have some records of the organization, one of the most essential being that of the number of points marked with 38 387. He additionally inhabits the second area to the number of affordable meetings. In 1995, he was introduced into Basketball Hall of Fame. It is popular for having challenged Bruce Lee in the movie the video game of fatality.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has actually additionally created and promoted the strategy called arm rolled : it is composed of shooting the basket by bringing the round with one hand over the head, arm tense. The various other arm is made use of to secure yourself from the protector.
It is acknowledged at its particular look: as a result of an eye injury during its college occupation, Abdul-Jabbar started to put on safety glasses, protective glasses.

Valve started the announcement of the 2021 Nominated work of the year-end Award Event STEAM Award. It is said that nomination works of each category will be announced today (3 am and 9 am at 9 am in Japan).

Excellent story game

When I want to play a story-oriented game, this game is hit. It is attracted more than any melodrama, and it is well done with the supervision of the super popular television drama. Bravo! Thank you for your impression!

Life IDE Strange True Colors

Cyberpunk 2077

Biohazard Village

Days Gone

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Lilac relaxing

This game is a refreshing agent for everyday life. You can relax and relax, and Montoya in the heart disappears. It can be said that it is a rose of one.


Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Farming Simulator 22

TownS caper


After the nomination works of each department have come out, the final vote will be held from 3 am to January 4, and 2 am, and the results will be announced at 3 am on January 4.