The Bremen Oberligaist OSC Bremerhaven has to look for a new coach. In the course of the ongoing criticism of the head coach, this, according to several media reports, voluntarily cleared its place.

Violent criticism after pandemic velocity

What happened? Last weekend, HEIR is supposed to position himself in a video that was later broadcast on the club’s Facebook channel, as a vaccine and have held the Corona pandemic. In addition, he would have intentionally infected with Corona to be able to hold a gee ken status to the conditions applicable in sports. The club was critically criticized according to the pandemic reluctant statements of the exercise leader. Hans was then abandoned by the OSC Bureau and apologized in public. However, a release of the coach did not seem to draw the skylotherist.

WHO says omicron variant could change the course of the Covid pandemic

In order to counteract further criticism in the club, Hans now revealed voluntarily from his office. A successor is still unknown. Until further notice, Vice President and Co-Trainer Bjorn Boning will take over the job on the page line.