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Nintendo Building New HQ to Expand Development With Less Outsourcing

According to the Nikkei Economic Journal information, Nintendo has announced its intention to increase its development capabilities by growing new premises.

The Nintendo-term goal, reports Nikkei, is to be able to develop more games internally and less rest on partnerships with other studios and outsourcing in general. If Nintendo has taken action by acquiring Next Level Games, author of Luigi’s Mansion 3, we recently learned that Mercury steam had just signed with 505 games in the stride of the launch of Metro id Dread And will not necessarily be available for a new order before a good time.

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At first, Nintendo’s plans consist of renting the 6th and 7th floors of the Kyoto City Waterworks Office to house its teams from May 2022. This building is located right next to the current Nintendo headquarters. The manufacturer will even receive a financial bonus from the city of Kyoto as part of a program intended to attract businesses. This bonus can reach up to 160 million yen (1.2 million euros) each year for three years depending on the number of employees that Nintendo will hire.

Subsequently, Nintendo plans to build a brand-new building on the site of its old headquarters. This site already hosts the Nintendo Research Center as well as the Mario Club, in charge of quality assurance, but has a wide plot of building land, as noted by the NGC site.

In presenting its latest financial results, CEO Shun taro Kurosawa mentioned the willingness to invest up to 100 billion yen (780 million euros) to specifically strengthen its development capacity. There is no doubt that the construction costs of this building will draw in this budget, as is the inevitable increase in the payroll implied by the recruitment of new developers.