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Ubisoft presented NFT microtransactions for one of his shooter at the beginning of the week — but the reaction of the fans was obviously different from hoped for. The trailer was so poorly received that Ubisoft had to pull him out of circulation.

The new NFT microtransactions for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon breakpoint had Ubisoft presented in a trailer on YouTube. Meanwhile, the video but in the North American channel of the publisher no longer easily can be found. The reason is probably the overwhelmingly negative reaction from fans. In just a few hours crackled over 22,000 dislikes on the trailer for Ubisoft Quartz down — as opposed to just over 1,000 Likes. (Source: NGC)

Ubisoft removes NFT video after getting over 20000 dislikes
The gaming community has thus A-triple game based firm stand the first cosmetic NFTs in one.

original message of December 8, 2021:

Ubisoft shooter extended to new micro-transactions

Ubisoft has special plans for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon breakpoint. From 9 December players should have the opportunity to receive special cosmetic items as NFTs to purchase. The new form of microtransactions is the first step to integrate some internet hype about cryptocurrencies in video games of a large publisher.

But what are NFTs anyway? NFT stands for Non-Fungible tokens that serve as a kind of ownership certificates for digital content and can be purchased with cryptocurrency and sold again. In the case of Ghost Recon breakpoint that means is that players about the new service Ubisoft Quartz unique items (called digits) can buy. Unique in this case, however, only means that a serial number is printed on a helmet or a pair of trousers and the items are in limited supply.

Microtransactions in video games are nothing new. The NFTs but may as Steam are also traded outside the games or marketplaces. Ubisoft writes about this that this would give more control to the players. In addition, the unique pants also note who have heard it before. According to the FAQ you are the possibility the digit of your Lieblingsstreamers chasing. (Source: Ubisoft Quartz)

opinion: NFTs are the worse Loot boxen

Large publishers such as Ubisoft and EA flirt with NFTs in video games. Surprisingly, this is not actually. Spend Loot boxen prove, after all, that there is a demand for it, even true for cosmetic items Money. However, NFTs go beyond a simple skin for a weapon. Actually completely worthless digital code is not now adorn only your virtual characters, but also serve as a store of value and resold. What else to do all this with a game?

The utter absurdity of the whole system is thus significantly later than that NFTs for Ghost Recon breakpoint to remain the same even if Ubisoft quartz or the game will be even disabled. So you were still the proud owner of a weapon skins for a game that it no longer exists.

Ubisoft expands Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon breakpoint to NFTs. Soon the shooter that cosmetic items that have a unique serial number has and can be resold. Ubisoft this step on the grounds that the players more control should be given.