As mentioned in our Halo Infinite test, the equipment and equipment of the Master Chiefs are the key to ensure that they exist in combat and can move quickly in the Open World environment. However, you have to get through half of the campaign to get access to everything in the Arsenal of the Master Chiefs.

Hallo Infinite’s missions consist of 14 missions and rich from short linear affairs to long quests, which take place in the open world of Zeta Halo Rings. And with five different equipment, the Master Chief can add a lot to his repertoire to bring the banned.

So, where are all those? Halo Infinite equipment and equipment locations ? Continue reading to get hints which missions of the main history have to complete them to get items like the drop wall and thrusters.

Halo Infinite equipment locations

In Halo Infinite there are five equipment and equipment for the armor of the Master Chiefs, which you can find. Each can be obtained in the following main story missions:

Gripper — Warship Brandon (Mission 1)
Milder — Foundation (Mission 2)
Threat sensor — The Tower (Mission 4)
Fall wall — excavation site (Mission 5)
Thruster — excavation site (Mission 5)

All these upgrades are part of the main objectives, so you have to pick them up. Therefore, they will not miss some later equipment and equipments.

Halo: Infinite campaign review

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