The development team for WoW Blizzard has been busy: Several new hotfixes are today, arrived on 04 December 2021 on the live servers. The mini patch fixes among other things, a problem with the PVP talent thorns of the Druids. In addition, there are a few fixes for minor bugs in the Sanctum of the rule and in PVP Burning Crusade Classic.

Below you read the official English patch notes. Once Blizzard has released the German patch notes, we will update this message. Fixes are updates that are made on the server side, must be downloaded without new data. Some changes listed below come into force as soon as Blizzard implements other whereas, until after a reboot announced Realm action show. Please note that some problems without a client-side patch can not be resolved.

WoW: hot fixes from December 04, 2021 — Patch Notes


December 3, 2021



Thorns (PVP talent) will now properly deal damage and slow attackers’ movement speed When cast on to ally.

Dungeons and Raids

Sanctum of Domination

Fixed an issue where the Eye of the Jailer encounter user interface Could persist When Using the skip to the Key’Thread and Sylvan as Wind runner encounters.

Patch 9.1.5 GUIDE: All You Need To Know

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue Which Caused Shard of Tel oft to fail to find a friendly target to apply its shield to it if something triggered by a damaging ability.

Burning Crusade Classic

Player versus Player

Greater and Lesser Rune of Warding no longer activate in the arena if Applied before entering.

Source: Towhead

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