3.75. Update has arrived for nieMandimshimmel, and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. Update 3.74 brought some small corrections to the game and improved overall quality. No Man’s Sky’s development team has delivered many updates in recent months that show his commitment to the current player base that has fun with their game. Everything is new with No Man’s Sky Update 3.75.

no man’s sky update 3.75 patches


It has been fixed a problem where players could stay when they left a ship in an abandoned space station.
It was resolved a problem that prevented the VR teleport-MOVE mode properly worked in some situations.
Many crashes related to the rendering of base and settlement have been fixed.
A crash associated with base buildings and settlement layouts has been fixed.
A crash associated with creature navigation has been fixed.

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This little update has managed to fix some annoying problems that players had played in many. Even if the update is small, the game with each small correction will feel much better and more fluid in the long run. Update 3.74 also brought some small corrections to the game, which ranged from crashes to clipping problems.

No one’s sky is now available for PC, PS4 / 5, Xbox One, Xbox One Series S / X. For more information about the update, visit the Official No Man’s Sky website.