Fantasy Flight Games has revealed additional details about Patients expansion arriving at marvel Champions: The card game. Fantasy Flight provided fans some new details about the next box, which will contain two new heroes (Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales / Spider-Man) and a full campaign of Villeins to face over the course of multiple scenarios. This will be the fourth campaign box launched for Cam peons of Marvel, after the launch of The promotion of Red Skull, Galaxy’s Most Wanted, and The shadow of Loco Titan. As the name suggests, the campaign will include numerous Spider Villains Man, including Venom, Sandman, Mysterious and Six complete (consisting of Vulture, Dr. Octopus, Electron, Raven the Hunter, Hobgoblin and Scorpion) as recurring. Side threat Some nuances of individual scenarios include the use of a belfry to inflict additional damage to Venom or try to avoid civilian damage while faced with Sandman.

A wrinkle in this set in a box is that the final chief of the campaign has not yet been revealed. Instead, Fantasy Flight Games left fans with an advance that the final boss combined the skills of two Villains of Spider-Man par excellence.

Sinister Motives EXPANSION | Marvel Champions | INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (45+ New Cards Revealed!)
As with others in box Campus of Marvel Sets Motives sinister will come with two decks of prefabricated heroes. This expansion will add both Spider-Man (MILES) and Ghost-Spider to the mixture. Morales has two built-in powers, a venom blast that stuns the enemies and a camouflage skill that gives morals the hard condition. However, these powers can only be activated through other letters, which means that morals will basically make a combination of movements when these special skills are activated. Ghost-Spider is based similarly in joining combos, with an innate ability that allows you to prepare each time he uses an interruption or response capacity. Allies in the Set include Silk, Monica Chang and agent 13. As with other Campus of Marvel Letters, the letters of the non-specific hero deck can be used in the decks of other heroes, providing the Players an additional adaptability.

Marvel Champions: Sinister reasons will be launched in the spring of 2022, with four additional heroes packs to follow.