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After regular adaptation of Resident Evil and nefarious attempt to love the big screen take the franchise Monster Hunter, are very few films that have achieved the acceptance of the public. However, no one speaks of film adaptations video games that were so famous and got very good reviews. That is why we have compiled through this list of the best films adapted to video games and have been great titles for its time, besides being a place where we safeguard our childhood or adolescence.

Golden Eye N64: An unwavering classic

The first but far from least, we begin with which is for many the best game inspired by a movie of the whole story: Golden eye 007. Not only it reflects perfectly the film starring Pierce Brosnan, but gave it a twist that got us completely into the pile of James Bond. And there has been another game of the best British spy made this; from its level design, gameplay (that while today is a bit rough but still hilarious), its incredible soundtrack and times spy inside buildings marked a generation and courted more than one with the character created by Ian Fleming.

The Warriors: The cult classic Rock star

When Rock star was a company focused on the games and not the Online Service developed many more games of their main franchise like Grand Theft Auto, being Warriors The most famous case. US developer took the film created by Walter Hill in 1979 began to be considered a cult film to create a game inspired by this work. Well, what appeared to be an attempt to extend the life of a game became one of the best games of the study outside its core franchise, respecting that if Red Dead Redemption. As expected, Rock star put his all mime in the game, recalling a history of street gangs that came to him as ring to the finger and garnered rave reviews from the industry.

Harry Potter PlayStation 1: Magic matched

When just 20 years ago many young people left the cinema amazed by Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, few would think they could emphasize the story in their flesh through a video game. It was when Argonaut Games s, with the help of Electronic Arts, appeared for the smallest of the house Queen astonished to see that they could living in their own flesh the adventures and vicissitudes of the new pupil Hogwarts. Besides being quite faithful to the film, added more exclusive information from the book to draw even more attention to youth encomiendas reading literary franchise created by J.K. Rowling.

10 Amazing Video Games That Were Inspired By Movies

Spider-man 2 for PS2: The Big Adventure Spider-Man

To the As with Harry Potter, Spider-Man 2 it was one of the best films of the year and even one of the finest superhero whole story. This game developed by Trey arch and published by Activision had unprecedented success since for many has been the closest feel to be the spider before arrival man masterpiece created by Insomniac Games. Having an open world of such caliber, missions so attached to the film and adding some other storyline made this game a must PlayStation 2 for its time. Curiously, the source of the Spider-Man movie was also the source for PlayStation 3 in the first years of life from him.

games for PlayStation 1 Disney: Our whole childhood defined by Tarzan, Hercules and many more

If anything has defined the childhood of a generation were the games Disney inspired all movies of the 90s and 00s. The games were fairly simple as they were platforms, but each had a unique and incomparable essence. Tarzan from telling him the whole story until Toy Story where we could explore Buzz Light year Andy’s house and with whom we could collect all the missing pieces to squeeze the maximum the game you bought. Bug’s Life, Hercules’s, The Lion King, Planet of the Treasury or Monsters Inc. have been great companions of our childhood and a memory we will never forget.

LEGO Star Wars: The best adaptation of Skywalker Adventure

I’m not going to lie to you, this title is here because I have enough love and there is nothing more that represents my school days with friends that this game (plus the next and last one on the list). TT Games did a work enormously good with the adaptation of the saga, since the platform, the fights and how to tell the story were perfect for the little ones in the saga to join a saga as iconic as He is starring Luke Skywalker and all his family tree. We are looking forward to the definitive collection that will arrive at 2022 under the name of Skywalker Saga and will have the 9 games together in one.

ES DLA: The return of the king; The game of a whole generation

The Magma Work of Peter Jackson a trilogy culminated that would go into the history of cinema, being one of the most awarded films in the history of Oscars. Well, if it was not enough, the mime with which they treated the third delivery versioned to the video game was exalted, giving us hours and hours of entertainment and soaking up the history created by Tolkien almost 70 years ago and that he got an avalanche and fans thanks to the movies. Put us on the skin of Gandalf entering the Helm’s abyss, helping Frodo to throw the ring or Meter non-dead axes with Girl are and will be experiences that will be recorded in our memory at the time Let us play and a lovely memory for most of players who grew with PS2 and this game. Long life to the Lord of the Rings.