Next to Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo was also one of the companies that pronounced with respect to the recent accusations against Bobby Kick, CEO D E Activision Blizzard. At the time, the Japanese company said that they were already taking letters in the matter, and it seems that with those statements rather they referred to their own internal policies. We say this because the large n will now seek that there is greater transparency and diversity within the company.

In its most recent Corporate Governance Report, Nintendo announced the series of measures that will be taking to promote transparency and diversity within the company:

The company respects human rights in its hiring process, selecting employees depending on their competence and skills, regardless of their sex, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, carry out an evaluation and A fair treatment of employees depending on the quality and quantity of skills demonstrated by them, and helps employees further show their skills.

The company does not have specific objectives for the appointment of women, foreigners and middle-aged people in management positions. However, as a global company dedicated to the entertainment business, which is characterized by the growing diversification of customer needs and preferences, it is essential that we take advantage of the talent of a diverse template. Therefore, we are committed to respect the personality and strengths of each and every employee, including those of our subsidiaries abroad, and to develop an environment in which employees of various origins can maximize their potential.

As part of these efforts, we are hiring women and creating an environment in which women can develop successful careers. We intend to increase the proportion of women in management positions since current proportions in the main offices of the Nintendo Group worldwide (23.7% as of March 31, 2021) and in Nintendo Co., Ltd in Japan (4, 4, 2% as of March 31, 2021).

In the same way, Nintendo promises to be more transparent as to the promotions of certain executives, so that in this way you can have a much clearer idea of ​​why certain person ended in a certain position within the company.

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Editor’s note: On the one hand, it is sensational news that Nintendo is already doing something about it to improve or maintain its good working conditions. But I think this should happen a long time ago, even before the controversy of Activision Blizzard is uncovered. It is not like Nintendo has many controversies regarding a bad job climate, and surely the Japanese company seeks to preserve its impeccable image.