There are still a few more months for the arrival of Elder Ring, however, the community is already very excited about the new from fromSoftware. Each week we have been receiving small advances in the form of images or videos, and the most recent of them does a great job showing us how it will be this world.

As always, the advance in question arrived by the account of Twitter of the game and here you can see it:

New ELDEN RING Video Clip & The Unexpected Source of Blood Magic
Remember that here at Atomic We already had the opportunity to try your net test and if you want to know what we found, then we suggest you take an eye on the next video.

Elder Ring Debut the February 25 for consoles PlayStation, XBOX and PC.

Editor’s note: The idea of ​​having an open world I definitely worried me, but I think we can stay calm knowing that fromSoftware is behind the project. After all, his own authors would not do anything that was not beneficial for the final product.