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BIZAR |  Stoppen slaan door bij aanvoerder Eintracht Frankfurt

As the SGE announced on Monday, Hershberger has moved to the World Cup qualifier with the Austrian national team on Tuesday against Luxembourg (8: 0) a dislocated lower leg fracture. On the night of Wednesday, Hershberger has been operated to the club on the right side of the rail and farm. Probably on Sunday she should be released from the hospital.

An estimated downtime does not give the Hesse, but the failure for the entire rest of the season 2021/22. Especially bitter from the point of view of Hershberger: The European Championship 2022, in which Austria denies the opening game against hosts England in Old Trafford, is due to the injury in a serious danger.

Mini is an important part of our team, says sports director Siegfried Dietrich in the club announcement. We all do all the bad diagnosis very, very sorry. In the current season Hershberger was in all nine Bundesliga games for Frankfurt on the field.

For the SGE it is already the second bad diagnosis within a few weeks. In mid-November Camilla Over had drawn a cruciate ligament.