Players monensin Impact wish for more than a year other rewards when they complete quests or events successful. Especially at higher levels the gifts were anything but appropriate. Mango shows you the demands of the community.

Since the release of Genshin Impact, for every patch several major events, which should motivate the players to continue log regularly and to gamble.

Such events include, of course, always rewards should recover the additional motivation for the fans. While some events are rather kept smaller and therefore also shed lesser gifts, there are also larger events that accordingly appropriate rewards should give up.

In the past, it is Genshin Impact managed to make players happy with their gifts of events, such as in missing treasures that had ready a pet for the graduates.

However, most of the rewards look always look the same, so the community:

Little veteran
Weapons ores
Little (and small) EP-cards

That was not enough for advanced players, and they want all items other than gift.

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Reddit users Laverne wrote a thread due to insufficient rewards by he stated his displeasure (via Reddit). He wrote that Morey, EP-books and weapons ores were indeed sweet, but it can sometimes give resin as a gift.

For smaller events there could be two resin moons and larger events could give the players four resin Mondes.

Avenues Reddit thread collected in a short time more than 8,000 up votes and 600 comments that had more suggestions in stock:

I agree and would even go further and say that they should sprinkle Wanderlust banner Pulls and Prototype boxes in between as rewards.

Chev4r via Reddit

Just this answer reached many people and approval. People think that Genshin Impact distribute hardly draws for the Wanderlust banner. They also consider it appropriate if useless in the banner, next to 3-star weapons, other goodies were also included: Morey, resin or other basic resources.

Other players call for the EP-watering for artifacts that are already isolated in events gave as a gift. Reddit users Ghost 82x thinks this is a great idea:

The progress is, in my experience, to a sudden stop when you reach adventure Rank 55th The predominant reasons are: resin, Morey, hardly Talent books and a few element crystals for the step increase of the characters. Everything feeds somehow mutually exclusive. I’m probably done with the game, 12-3 as soon as I was able to close the wound abyss level.

Via Reddit

The Community agrees to this objection also, and reaffirms Ghosts statement. Once you want to level up the talent of a character, use it at the same material other for 4-5 figures. The drop and the rewards of events should not be able to make up for the current consumption of resources.

Some fans bring to that the daily quests could be more resin and at least as much Tristan that one Geisha banner could make a drawing to a minimum.

Reddit users Osiris goes so far and referred Genshin Impact than most remarkable Geisha game he ever played. Other Geisha Games would provide a daily free overdraft on their banners. Also advertised, rare characters in other games of this type migrate into the default banner. There could be drawn (via Reddit) the heroes with a low probability at any time.

Many other comments under the thread asking for more resin, resources and other important goodies that gets rarely a player at a higher level, as the event rewards.

What do you think of the proposals of the community? Are you of the same opinion, or you come along well with the given resources? Have you perhaps have any other ideas? Writes us like in the comments.

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