GrandChase - Your Definitive Guide to
If you like games similar to maple story, la tale, Grand Chase or Soul Saver online (generally speaking Side-scrollers), and by the way do not bother you 2D graphic…… we cordially invite you to the Quest element — a new, free, niche Grand, which between 19:00 and 20:00 Polish time will start on the steam. HTTPS: // quest/ We wrote about him some time ago. The Quest element boasts a day and night cycle, extensive social elements (from integration with other users) and an interesting class division, which are divided into four elements / elements: Fire Earth Water Wind A Gloria studio corresponds to the game, which on the one hand is a plus (no whip over his head), but also a downside, because you do not know how someone, so niche will be able to take care of the game and provide regular updates. Not to make money not to mention.