The latest Games of Mortal Kombat have offered players the opportunity to download several important guest characters, including Terminator, Spawn, Jason Voorhees and more. It would seem that John Wick and the Matrix Neo would fit well with what we have seen in the past, but Keanu Reeves feels a little different. In a new empire video, the actor was asked if he would allow the two characters to appear in the fighting game. Reeves expressed the approval of him by the Nether realm franchise, while he affirmed that he does not believe that he is a good option.

If it were for me? No, says Reeves in the video. «Mortal Kombat is amazing in many ways. But I think, you know, Neo, John Wick… yes man, they are doing his thing. Mortal Kombat is doing his thing ».

Reeves is forceful in the response of it, but it does not offer much definitive information about why he is opposed. It is possible that the actor is not very familiar with the previous appearances as a guest in the games, or maybe he simply does not like the idea that Neo or John Wick is brutally killed by villains like Shang Sung. It is impossible to say it with certainty, but the phraseology of it suggests that the decision could be out of Him. After all, Warner Bros. has the Matrix franchise, while John Wick is owned by Lions gate. These companies probably make the final decision on where Neo and John Wick may appear. However, given the option, now we know what Reeves would decide!

While Aortic Combat fans may not see any of the characteristic reefer characters appear in the series in the short term, that does not mean that they will not appear in other games. John Wick already appeared in Fortnite, and the rumors suggest that Neo could also arrive soon that game soon. Readers should take that with a grain of salt for the time being. With luck, Epic Games will make an official announcement in the near future!

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