Another game will be diluted, and this time fell on network production. Lets hope they will not share the fate of Skull & Bones, where the series (just like the game) can not be seen on the horizon. What do we know about the Hunt Actor series: Showdown?

Action Grunt: Showdown takes place in 1890 in Louisiana, where the award hunters compete in killing the macabre beasts before they receive their prize — or will be eliminated by rivals. This worlds full of voltage and high rates will be even more realized thanks to the new cooperation, under which the series can be viewed only on

Not much, and almost nothing. It will appear on the newly created Binge Streaming Platform. From shared information, the co-founders of Creek, Agni Berlin and Farouk Berlin will serve as executive producers for Hunt Serial: Showdown. Unfortunately, the cast, the dates of the premiere or director or screenwriter of this production were not given.

The Martini-Henry IC1 is NOT a Worse Sparks LRR │ Hunt: Showdown

The Binge Streaming Platform will appear in 2022. Works based on popular games are available on it. It was already confirmed that there would be a series based on the Driver Series or System Shock. Interesting, which will result from this and whether, apart from the use of well-known brands, we will also be able to count on the quality of workmanship.