After the departure of Toshihiro Satoshi and Daisuke Sat ode Sega and BYU Ga Gook Studio a couple of months ago, the developers of the Yakuza series have remained silent. Fortunately, Masayoshi Yokohama, the now Director of this team, has revealed that they are not only working to expand Yakuza and Judgment, but already have a new property in mind.

SEGA 60th Anniversary Interview with Daisuke Sato from RGG Studios
In a recent interview with Fujitsu, it was revealed that EGG Studio currently has three projects on the door. One of these is Yakuza 8, which will be a direct sequel to like a dragon. In the same way, the team will do everything possible to continue with the franchise to Judgment, this after at the beginning of the year it was speculated that the latest delivery would be the last in the series, this for conflicts with the agency of the main actor of These games.

Next to this, Yokohama revealed that a new game from Yakuza and Judgment is already under development. Although at the moment there is no clear information about it, remember that EGG Studio occasionally moves away from the adventures in Japan, so this is not a complete novelty. However, currently not some kind of concrete detail with respect to the three projects that this team has in their hands.

On related topics, the future Yakuza games may not be set in Japan. Similarly, EGG Studio will do everything possible to have global releases from his series.

Editor s note:

While the game I hope the most is yakuza 8, which will remain a RPG, the idea of ​​a new property by this team is something that surely excites the fans of the study. However, it is very likely that it has a long time before having clear information.