Unreal Engine is a game engine of Legendary Gaming used in the advancement of console as well as computer system games. Because the first magazine in 1998, the video game engine has actually been used in various games and also ported on various running systems as well as video game consoles, additionally ready the web browser can be written.

In production there are currently several Engine on the Unreal Engine 5 engine, but the first of them, which decides to let players / testers will be Into The Echo.

On December 4-6, the first limited pre-alpha tests will take place. Aiming to a narrow group of users selected from registered persons (from the official website).

Invitations are to be sent by the end of this week, so you still have a chance to get — here.

Into the Echo is a New Upcoming Next-Gen Open-World Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG!

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What is Into The Echo? As Prefix wrote in his announcement:

Into the echo is Engine about traveling in a time in which we have to discover yourself and your role in the universe — find your goal in life, fight trauma and deal with mental problems. This is primarily a social game.

When we will go to the Lava planet, which through the cosmic events has changed, and rather evolved. As a result, its inhabitants have a unique skill called Men. Players will have to master Men, while choosing their own way. You can decide on one of many personal paths, from becoming a craft champion to break codes or be a warrior.

Jedi a common feature of all players is that they will have to somehow contribute to the surrounding world. Part of doing this will also be entering the past — or Echo past — to solve the secrets