Saperligate Saver Market Follow a clouding pace after having known the latest rumors about the team that will mount Case Esports for the Superior Second Division. This time we will not talk about them, but we will tell the new player who would join the set of IAI and Piqué, another of the teams that wants to premiere with an unprecedented presentation in front of 15 thousand people filling the Palau with Sent Jordi. Well, if more or less we knew who were going to be the players, it has not been until today when we have known the last piece of the puzzle of the streamer club and the player Flagrant: To planer.

SLT (Acronym of Salt to Thus) would have been the To planer chosen by the club to defend the upper lane for the next season according to the words of Alejandro Anonymous Gomes. For those who do not know him, it is a French player who debuted last season in LEC after performing an outstanding job in Big, but who tightened quickly and would end up relegated to the Academy of Bees after a month of league regular. So, the IAI and Piqué team will remain as follows:

Top: Enzo SLT Gonzalez
Jungle: Luis Old Pérez
Mid: Jørgen Matrix ELEVEN

SUP: Daniel Season Binderhofer

Nuevo EQUIPO de IBAI y PIQUE de League of Legends | ¿Es beneficioso?

These players would be trained by Falcon, Amado and Saga, thus completing the complete team of one of the clubs with more Hype of the superior 2022, since the team s premiere will be nothing more and nothing less than against the Corp From Reckless in a Stomach that can be seen through the Twitch channel of the Streamer Basque. In turn, in January they will play in the Louvre dome so that the CAMEO team can be released in the best way to their audience.