Dwayne Johnson Says He Wants To Be The Next Bond
James Bond 007 — Golden eye (initial title: Golden eye) is the 17th of Eon Productions Ltd. Created James Bond flick. For the very first time Pierce Brosnan played the duty of the MI6 agent. The supervisor led the New Zealand Martin Campbell. Because of legal Vía Collider well Vía Collider artistic differences between the manufacturers Albert R. Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli on one side and also United Artists and also their mother s company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on the various other, this bond appeared just after a six-year break of the series in the CinemVía Collider. The title song Golden eye Sang Tina Turner. The movie pertained to the Swiss, on December 15, 1995, on 28 December 1995 to the Germans and also on 29 December 1995 in the Austrian movie theaters.

Dwayne Johnson does not give a yarn-free stitch. And is that the famous Hollywood actor specialized in starring blockbusters of action (remember that it hVía Collider just rolled Black Adam, the film that will change the Hierarchy of DC ) hVía Collider spoken about the possibility of joining the conflict James Bond franchise after the end of the cycle of Daniel Craig, ensuring that I do not want to be a villain, I have to be Bond. This hVía Collider been commented on a recent interview with the Require Middle (Via Collider), in which he hVía Collider explained that his grandfather played a bad in only live twice, starring Sean Connery in 1967.

I do not want to be a villain, I have to be Bond

And is that after the departure of Daniel Craig Vía Collider James Bond after the recent premiere of without time to die, the role of agent 007 hVía Collider been free, a role for which you will not start looking for a substitute Until well entered 2022, according to its producer. And even though the rumors have already been positioning actors or even talking about the next 007, Dwayne Johnson and hVía Collider been postulated Vía Collider a new Bond.

Yes, My grandfather wVía Collider a Villain Bond in just one lives twice, with Sean Connery. Very, very cool. I would like to follow the steps of him and be the next Bond. I do not want to be a villain. I have to be Bond, you have commented on the famous Actor to Esquire. Of course, experience in action cinema hVía Collider and even just premiered red alert next to Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, the most expensive movie of the story of Netflix, in which he plays an agent of the CIA that must work with a renowned art thief to catch another thief throughout the world.

Will we see The Rock Vía Collider the new James Bond? For now, we will have to wait until next year to meet the interpreter that stays with the role.