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If France competes in Finland on Tuesday evening for athletic no longer relevant recent World Cup qualifier (from 20:45 in the LIVE ticker) are four players of FC Bayern on the pitch. The French Connection the German record champion has grown steadily in recent years, even without Franck Bribery. To internally does not please everyone, but on closer inspection is striking that over half of the currently playing in Munich Frenchman could be gone soon anyway.

At Bavaria, French is spoken, and has been for some time. The number of players from the country of the world champion has reached an all-time high.

No less than eight (!) French actually belong to the first team of the league-leaders. Many of them changed also and above all at the request of French Connectioning director Hasan Salihamidzic to the Sabine road.

However, some club representatives should be of the opinion that the focus is not the right way to actors from the western neighbor of Germany s flagship club.

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Salihamidzics preference for French players had internal clearly an issue. There would be some in the club too much, said picture -French Connection chef Christian Fall recently.

However, a closer look at the eight-France legionnaires and their respective personal situation at Bavaria reveals that the trend in the industry leader criticized could already be back soon.

French Connection at Bavaria: Only three Stars stay safe

Just three professionals from the Grande Nation have at Bayern both long-term contracts and a permanent French Connectioning perspective: the two world champion Lucas Hernández and Benjamin Award and new entry day upamecano. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann trusts the defensive trio that should characterize the Munich defense for years to come.

A fundamentally different to the situation is in two other internationals. Is for months about the future of midfield all-rounder Corentin Polish whose working paper runs out next summer and could therefore go free, and winger Kingsley Coman speculated (2023 based).

While Polish in his now four and a half years with the record champions — also injured — was never performers and may well go without much Umstimmungsversuche the officials, the situation in Woman is more complicated.

Romans farewell from Bavaria remains an issue

Also, the winger was stopped again and again by injuries, has especially increased in the past two years nevertheless enormous. The absolute highlight was his winning goal in the Champions League final in 2020 against Paris Saint-Germain.

Frankreich-Gang und Nagelsmann erleichterten Upamecano den Bayern-Start | Bayern-Insider

From club side it is said that a sequel would be the cooperation of all parties involved. Just recently, Julian Nagel man said, I have often stressed that King is an outstanding person with whom I really like working I would love for many years to work with him.

Problem: For some time playing poker, the adviser to the national player with Bayern for an extension, an agreement is not in sight.

A stumbling block to his exorbitant salary requirements Romans, according to the Spanish French Connections daily AS he calls for an annual salary from 15 to 16 million euros. That the pace dribbler goes free transfer too much for the Munich who want to turn necessarily prevent one and a half years.

If there is no agreement, the champions would willy-nilly force to sell his trophy collectors next summer.

Of potential buyers are not lacking: All four top clubs from England — Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool — was said to have been interested in Woman this year.

FC Bayern: Two flops without perspective, a Youngster needs match practice

Remained the very young central defender Tanguy Piano and the dead-mispurchases Mickael Nuisance and Bound Carr.

The latter is about tricolor to his surprising move to Munich on Deadline Day 2020 a nomination for the Equip have confessed a year later he has disappeared from the focus of national coach Didier Deschamps, playing instead for Senegal.

That the right-back place at all international attention, surprising quite Carr at Bavaria has not yet let any suitability miss for higher tasks. Sometimes Nagelsmann replaced him with sharp protrusions, other times it does not create the 29-year-old once in the squad. Anything but premature separation in January, but at the latest after the season would be a big surprise.

No German better stand Nuisance opportunities at the Saber Strafe. After lending to Marseille, the ex-Gladbacher permanent guest is on the tribune, even he will leave FC Bayern 2022 pretty safe (must). And Piano? It waits in the shadow of his well-known defense competitors on probation opportunities, which are rarely offering. Even if Nagelsmann finally detected an increase in teenager, he needs more game practice in the medium term. A lending could make a remedy. Under the bottom line, the partly critically seen French Connection could soon shrink more than half soon. Unless Hasan Salihamidzic goes back to shopping in the world champion country. Halo Lakes