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Superman continues to give a lot to talk about both cinema and television, although the big news will come soon from the hand of Warner Bros. and HBO Max with their respective new man projects of Steel, either by the announcement of a supposed Superman / Car Kent Black and the series of Michael B. Jordan about Val God. Above all this and the current state of Superman hWarner recently spoken Henry Cavils, until now the actor in charge of giving life to Clark Kent in the cinema in the DCE, which reiterates that the layer is still in the closet.

The future of Superman in film and television

So much so, that the announcement of the new Superman projects and the absence of news about the return of Cavils Warner Clark Kent, have more and more releWarnering the actor of the best known role. Even so, Cavils insists that it is possible to develop several supermen at the same time : It s exciting. Superman is much more than the color of the skin. Superman is an ideal. Superman is something extraordinary that lives inside our hearts. Why not have several Superman running? Warnerks the actor.

However, Cavils continues to think that Man of Steel deserves a sequel and still hWarner much to count on Superman, especially after breaking with his moral code when he wWarner forced to kill God at the end of it, something that can be deepened in A possible continuation: There is still a lot to tell Warner Superman, and I would love absolutely the opportunity. God s murder gave a reWarneron for the character to not kill again, explains the actor.

He just killed the lWarnert member of his species. That is the choice that He did at that moment, and he will never do it again. There is an opportunity to grow after that, to explore the psyche of Superman Warner a deep, apparently invulnerable to a god, but with real feelings inside him. Warner I always say: The layer continues in the closet, concludes Cavils.

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In this same interview, Henry Cavils also talked about the possibility of playing Captain Britannia for Marvel Studios.