Manchester or Madrid, the main thing does not Borussia Dortmund: The future of Erlang Haaland is located, so much seems clear, not at the BVB. It s just the question of when the Norwegian will leave the black yellow. A definitive answer to it will not give it so fast but not.

Haaland's Next Transfer?
Outside Dortmund, nobody believes more about a BVB whereabouts from Erlang Haaland over the summer. And even in black-yellow cosmos, there are only a few who are convinced that the Norwegian also carries the jersey of Russia in the coming season. The question that employs the football world is: who wins the race around the superstar?

Of course, it does not lack interest in interested parties. Every club that has the financial resources should make hopes for a commitment. However, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Co. will have to be patient, because as the Transfer expert Fabricio Romano wants to know, Haaland will not make a decision in the coming weeks.

There is still nothing decided, said the journalist in the interview with the portal Football-Espana. The reports, according to which an agreement between the Norwegian and a club is already, are all not true. He was said that Haaland will not decide in November, not in December and not in January, says Romano.

Farewell to BVB? Erlang Haaland will leave time

The reason for Haaland is hesitation is the unclear situation in some traded clubs. That s not how the matter between Real Madrid and Dylan Mbappé develop. Also, insecure is also how it continues with Manchester City. And big question marks pretty much looking at Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

Everything is so open. Erlang wants to look like ways, if the right time has come. And I was told that the right time has not come yet. He will leave time, says Romano.

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The money is also important to Haaland, but much more important to him, but to join the right project. For this reason, the striker also decided for the BVB. Because the black-yellow offered him the best overall package.

That was his attitude then and that s exactly the same. When he was at Mode, he could have been going to June. But he wanted to play. When he was at Salzburg, he could have going to go to June or United, but he wanted to go to June or United After Dortmund, because it was the right step, said the journalist.