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There has been a growing trend of game consoles looking to diversify and no longer be considered a strictly reserved device for games. He probably started at the time of the PS3 with his ability to read Blu-ray DVDs, but Sony was far from being the only company to take this direction. And although the tactics did not exactly change the modified consoles as we know them, she certainly appeared from time to time. Now, Nintendo takes a new step in a more universal direction by adding the Twitch live broadcast platform to its SHOP library.

With only 31 MB and a free price, the Twitch app allows Switch users to view live streams from all kinds, games to comments and even animal flows. Some features are disabled, compared to the desktop version — you can not use or see the cat and display the stream at the same time (although most streams have the cat on the screen anyway, so you can Always absorb the energy of a good spam emote to the old), and unfortunately, there is no way to broadcast a game directly from the switch. According to Nintendo life, the quality of streaming seems decent, but not without occasional hiccup. Apart from this, the application has a selection of navigation features similar to those of the main experience.

Switch streaming options are still quite limited, between Hulu and YouTube, and no Netflix options in view. But given the importance of Twitch, especially in the world of the game, it s a big enough step. Although the limitations of the application mean that this will probably not upset the console industry so soon, it will undoubtedly be appreciated by a few selected people.